BREAKING NEWS: FBI Says They Found ‘Man Child’ In The Woods!

If you clicked on this link, it means that my project was a success


Welcome to my very scientific analysis of fake news titles, as I go on a quest to create fake fake news. This investigation follows my journey of analyzing the length of news article titles and their subjects to create a fake news article of my own. If you wish to see the process, scroll down. If you wish to see the news article, (title was created using data, article was written by a professional journalist that just happens to have the same name), please click here


Discover how to make the optimal fake news title, or basically, what makes a fake news article good?


  1. How long are the titles? How short/long do they need to be to capture your attention?
  2. What words do they use? What topics do they talk about?

By analyzing a sample of ~7900 headlines, I will attempt to answer these questions.


Here is a short sample of data if you want to scroll through, sorted by the amount of Facebook likes they garnered.